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[texts]Examination of Colorado water legislation, its issues, programs, and their relationships : 1931 to 2006 - Gallaher, Samuel Ballou
This thesis describes how water laws' issues and tools passed by the Colorado State Legislature changed between 1931 and 2006. Data was provided through previous work accomplished by Dr. Schlager and Dr. Heikkila under a National Science Foundation grant. The data were analyzed through multiple time scales: era, decade, and year. The number of laws passed, the issues they addressed, and policy tools used were described by graphical representation, descriptive statistics, correlation tests, and i...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; water policy; master of public affairs
Downloads: 27
[texts]Women in state legislatures : representation and the policy process - Schumacher, Kristin L.
Women have not achieved equality in regards to political representation within theUS. This exclusion weakens the quality of the political debate and destabilizes the legitimacy of our democracy. However, inroads have been made in building a more representative democracy at both the state and federal level in the US. This study extends the literature regarding gender and representation, exploring the association between descriptive representation, legislative factors, civil society contexts and t...
Keywords: auraria library; university of colorado denver; public affairs; phd; dissertation
Downloads: 46
[texts]Youth master planning in the United States - Cushing, Debra Flanders
Youth master planning represents a new planning specialization that began inthe late 1980s to improve the lives of children and youth. Youth master planning is aligned with the normative frameworks of advocacy planning and participatory planning in that adults are encouraged to advocate for the needs of children and youthand meaningfully engage them in community decision-making. As an outcome of this process, youth master plan documents provide a general guide for becoming a better place for you...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; urban planning; dissertation; phd
Downloads: 41
[texts]Perceptions of faculty development practices and structures that influence teaching at high performance colleges and universities - Bates, Barbara A.
Abridged abstract:Perceptions of faculty development practices and structures were comparedbetween 13 high performing schools identified in the DEEP study (Kuh, Kinzie, Schuh, Whitt, 2005) to clarify the relationship between faculty development variables and effective teaching. A phenomenological design was employed to triangulate quantitative and qualitative data including faculty development director surveys, interviews, administrator surveys, and faculty development program websites...
Keywords: auraria library; dissertations; university of colorado denver; education
Downloads: 24
[texts]Ethics and organizational structure : a study of organizational values - Arney, Jo A.
This is a study about understanding the relationship between an organization'sstructure and the organizational values held by individuals who are members of theorganization. It is the contention of this research to show that organizational values are, at least in part, dependent on the structure of organizations. This study seeks to provide a pair of spectacles for public managers who wish to investigate and appreciate the ethical climate of their organization...
Keywords: dissertation; public affairs; university of colorado denver; auraria library
Downloads: 50
[texts]Reasons for being homeless among single homeless men in Denver - Adibifar, Karam
This thesis explores the primary reasons for homelessness among a group ofthirteen single homeless men in Denver, Colorado. The participants' stories were in response to a query concerning how they became homeless. There were multiple reasons for being homeless among these single homeless men in Denver. However the primary reasons among this group of people were economic conditions and high cost of living, alcohol and drug problems (substance abuse), and family issues.The study was aimed to find...
Keywords: homelessness; auraria library; university of colorado denver; thesis
Downloads: 26
[texts]Negotiating identities : voices of students in a community college developmental education program - Brancard, Ruth
More than half of the students who enroll in community colleges leave after one year without completing degrees or certificates. Framing the problem of low persistence rates as one of identity development rather than skills development, this study examines the perceptions of first-semester students in two developmental reading and writing learning communities at an urban community college that serves a diverse student population...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; education; dissertation; phd
Downloads: 50
[texts]From tinkerers to gods : the electric guitar and the social construction of gender - Bourdage, Monique Mignon
Abridged abstract:Men have historically dominated as innovators and players of the guitar andcontinue to dominate these fields because the design and use of the guitar and the electric guitar, in particular, have been historically constructed to exclude women. The history of the electric guitar illustrates that a technology can neither be separated from the cultural values prevalent at the time of its creation nor those cultural values later ascribed to it Although some scholars have located the...
Keywords: thesis; social sciences; university of colorado denver; auraria library
Downloads: 96
[texts]Investigations into chemistry misconceptions of high school students - Dusto, Ethan C.
Students have varying degrees of misconceptions relating to the field of chemistry which arise from a number of different sources. Survey based pretests were given to a group of high school students and a posttest was generated from their responses. The posttest was then given as a pre- and posttest to a second group of students the following year. The results were analyzed to see what misconceptions persisted with students from the pretest to the posttest...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; education; masters degree; thesis
Downloads: 51
[texts]On interval representations and symmetries of graphs - Flesch, Breeann Marie
This thesis focuses on two main topics: interval representations and symmetriesof graphs. A graph is interval if to every vertex v E V (G) , we can assignan interval of the real line, Iv, such that xy E E(G) if and only if Ixnly-=/:- 0. Wecall the set of intervals of the real line the interval representation of the graph.Interval graphs were characterized by the absence of induced cycles larger than3 and asteroidal triples by Lekkerkerker and Boland [36) in 1962...
Keywords: auraria; university of colorado denver; mathematics; dissertation; applied mathematics; symmetry
Downloads: 43
[texts]Developmentally appropriate practice in the primary grades : classroom practices and the espoused beliefs of primary teachers, principals, and teacher educators - Adams, Suzanne Kay
This is a descriptive study designed to examine theclassroom practices of first and second grade teachersand the espoused beliefs of primary teachers, principals,and teacher educators concerning developmentallyappropriate curriculum and instructional methods in theprimary grades.
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; dissertation; phd; education
Downloads: 170
[texts]Predicting and cultivating public service motivation : a longitudinal study measuring the effect of participation in Americorp programs - Ward, Kevin D.
Public service motivation theory argues that people in the public sector holddifferent values than their private sector counterparts. However, little is understood about how public science motivation may be affected o1•er time and as the result of organizational experiences. Similar~v. the validity of the public sen ·ice motivation scale using secondary data has large~v been unexamined. This research uses longitudinal data to track the effect of participation in the national service program A...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; public affairs; dissertation
Downloads: 81
[texts]Sinking your teeth into composition : teaching English using "Quartier de la Madeleine" - Syn, Benjamin Lyric
To meet the diverse needs of composition students, Sinking Your Teeth into Composition: Teaching English Using "Quartier de Ia Madeleine" offers English teachers an additional resource to supplement lectures and textbooks. Vincenzo Natali's "Quartier de Ia Madeline," the 15th short film in the feature film Paris, je t'aime, offers insight into several composition fundamentals, which this guide will explain...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; rhetoric; teaching writing; master of arts; French; English
Downloads: 41
[texts]Women's understanding of consumption needs and consumer goods by the degree of urbanization - Yuksel, Hulya
In this study, the consumer behavior of women who were defined ashousewives was examined on the basis of their consumption needs and attitudes toward consumer goods. The data necessary for testing the hypotheses on consumer behavior were gathered from three different neighborhoods which revealed different cultural, demographic, and sociological characteristics. All together three hundred women were chosen from the three areas In Izmir, Turkey, in a sample...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of arts; sociology; turkey; thesis
Downloads: 23
[texts]Adjusted measures of district and school performance : a social justice study of Colorado's Latino students - Broer, Ashley J.
The reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 has increasedattention to student achievement. Specifically, the challenging demographics inColorado make attention to Colorado's Latino American students a critical issue. Colorado's population of Latino American students is now the largest and fastest growing ethnic minority group in the state. Although it is necessary to hold educators accountable for students who are not achieving, it is inappropriate to make judgments simply from r...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; education; chicano studies
Downloads: 23
[texts]Adversaries, psychology, social movements, and world politics - Turtledove, Nina Lois
Within philosophy we fmd at least two major paradigms with which it is possible to conceptualize the nature of reality: what I call the dualistic paradigm, and the integrated paradigm. Aspects of these worldviews are evidenced in the way we "deal" with adversaries, both on a psychological level and in our actions in the world. I argue that not only do these paradigms exist in philosophy and in the-actions of individuals, but they can be discerned in the events of history as well...
Keywords: dualism; university of colorado denver; auraria library; history; philosophy; politics; thesis
Downloads: 38
[texts]Indigenous environmental knowledge : past cases and future prospects - Herman-Mercer, Nicole
Indigenous Environmental Knowledge defined as, a cumulative body of knowledge and beliefs, handed down through generations by cultural transmission, about the relationship of living beings (human and non-human animals and plants) with one another and with their physical environment, has a great potential to inform western science in the area of climate change. This thesis presents work that bas been conducted in the arctic and sub-arctic with Indigenous Knowledge...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; anthropology; social science; thesis; yukon river; mexico
Downloads: 31
[texts]Beneficial use of recycled materials in concrete mixtures - Maier, Patrick
The need to produce concrete mixtures with recycled materials is becoming more important than ever before. Not only does using recycled materials in concrete mixtures create landfill avoidance, but it decreases the depletion of virgin raw materials. The basis for this research was to investigate the effects of using recycled materials, in varying amounts, on the fresh and hardened concrete properties...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; civil engineering; concrete; building construction; master of science; structural engineering
Downloads: 148
[texts]Student engagement and the college experience in hospitality management - Wray, Michael
Student perceptions of competency in Hospitality management, (HM) andthe level of engagement in the college experience were compared between two programs to verify engagement as a construct consisting of three domains;classroom, campus, and off-campus. Administrator and student descriptions of engagement in the college experience described the pedagogy, activities, and experiences that were unique between a four-year public and private college...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; educational leadership; innovation
Downloads: 44
[texts]The Effect of immigration reform on Hispanic advocacy - Lovell, Darrell
Recent immigration reform has caused a controversy over theimplementation of proposed reform in the past two years. Arizona's attempt topass strict immigration reform triggered an outpouring of advocacy activityamong groups nationwide.This movement is not the first time groups have mobilized againstimmigration reform on both the federal and state levels. Texas is on the vergeof a significant state attempt to pass immigration reform, which has sparkedinitial reactions similar to those seen in Ari...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; thesis; master of public affairs; latinos; chicanos; immigration
Downloads: 30
[texts]Organizational effectiveness and emergency planning in institutions housing the developmentally disabled - Le, Sophia
Catering to understand the needs of the disabled population has been an important issue in the field of emergency management. However. there has been little research on the developmentally disabled populations and of populations in long-term care or institutional settings. Using organizational effectiveness theory. this research sets out to determine emergency planning performance at state-run institutions housing the developmentally disabled in four states: Washington, Colorado...
Keywords: master of public administration; university of colorado denver; auraria library; disabilities
Downloads: 36
[texts]HIV risk among heterosexual minority dyads - Rinehart, Deborah John
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the Unites States have increaseddisproportionately impacting women and minorities (CDC, 2008b). HumanImmunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a continuing public health concern forwomen who currently comprise almost one quarter of all new HIV/AIDSdiagnoses (Prejan et al., 2011). Women are primarily infected with HIVthrough heterosexual sex, a behavior that usually occurs within the socialcontext of a dyad...
Keywords: aids; hiv; public health; university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation
Downloads: 39
[texts]Sociocultural influences on tobacco use by Turkish youth : findings from quantitative and qualitative methods - Yuksel, Hulya
This study identified social and cultural factors that influence smokingbehavior of rural/urban youth, age 15-17, who attend high school inDursunbey, a small town in Turkey's Aegean region. The methodsconsisted of a cross-sectional, school-based survey of all 10th graders(N=211) in 5 high schools in Dursunbey, augmented by qualitative semistructured interviews with 42 10th grade students,  0 students from othergrades, 14 adult educators, and 4 other adults.
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; health. behavioral sciences; turkey; cigarettes
Downloads: 71
[texts]The Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Movement in regard to international family planning during the Bush Era - Millich, Krystie Rose
Most social movement literature examines movements' abilities to enact socialchange under favorable political opportunity structures. This paper instead analyzes how a social movement. the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) movement, has responded to the negative political opportunity structures of the George W. Bush era. I utilize a political process/social movement framework to examine the political opportunity structures and movement action strategies of this enduring, dynamic m...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of arts; political science; reproductive health
Downloads: 67
[texts]2008 elections : realignment of the American political map - Balaban, Leonid
The main purpose for this thesis is to investigate and test the possibility that electoral realignment in the U.S. took place between 2004 through 2008. Evidence, based on some initial empirical indicators and scholarly analysis, will be presented, that the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections signaled a continuous movement of the political pendulum from a conservative/right position to a more liberaVleft one...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; us politics; barack obama; mitt romney
Downloads: 79
[texts]Experimental study of aluminum sheet surface roughness using optical interferometry - Lucachick, Glenn Arthur
During sheet metal forming, the surface finish changes as the sheet slides bends, and stretches against the tools. Specially engineered surface finishes have been developed by automakers to improve forming consistency and painting quality. This study assessed the evolution of surface parameters on aluminum sheet surface finishes during manufacturing processes. The scope of this work is experimental...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; master of science; auraria library; mechanical engineering; interferometry; surface texture
Downloads: 92
[texts]Auraria : from neighborhood to campus - Summers, Jodi Michelle
This thesis analyzes the urban renewal project on Auraria Campus in Denver,Colorado, and relates the site to other urban renewal projects in the United States. Auraria, now home to a college campus, once served as both an industrial and residential area ofDenver, and in the late 1960s, the city ofDenver chose the site for an urban renewal project. The project, headed by the Denver Urban Renewal Authority, demolished 145 acres on the west side ofDenver...
Keywords: auraria; auraria campus; university of colorado denver; history; urban planning; thesis
Downloads: 35
[texts]Evaluation of road construction alternatives : a regretful approach - Galadari, Abdulla
This study's objective is considering two main innovative criteria inevaluating alternatives of different road designs. It focuses on regret theoryand its utility in evaluating between different alternative designs anddevelops new criteria in the assessment of a traffic safety performanceindicator.Decisions between different road construction alternative designs are basedon multi-criteria factors. This research develops a systematic methodologyin considering regret based on a weighted system of ...
Keywords: traffic engineering; highways; university of colorado denver; auraria library; dissertation; phd
Downloads: 111
[texts]Quantitative evaluation of sustainable energy pathways for Colorado's power sector : focus on greenhouse gas mitigations - Barhagi, Saeed G.
This thesis develops a Colorado specific model to depict the evolution of statewide electric power sector, evaluating various scenarios for environmental and economic sustainability, with focus on greenhouse gas mitigation. This model simultaneously evaluates interactions between the various climate action regulations, current power infrastructures, future advanced technologies, limits of renewable energy and demand-side-management (DSM)...
Keywords: civil engineering; auraria library; university of colorado denver; gas mitigation; DSM
Downloads: 64
[texts]Variaciones de motivos en los cuentos de Josefina Pla : personajes femeninos, objetos de deuncia e historia Paraguaya - Weiss, Andrew
This research project studies a selection of Paraguayan short stories by Josefina Pla (Fuerteventura 1903 -Asuncion 1999). Through the exploration of certain motifs she associated to Paraguayan history; her characterization of female protagonists; and the insertion of animate and inanimate objects she uses to mask a denunciation of social, cultural, ethical, and gender issues of the Paraguayan microcosm, this thesis seeks to contribute a fresh critical perspective to the limited body of academic...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of arts; spanish; espanol; literature; thesis
Downloads: 257
[texts]Streets versus suites : public perceptions about the seriousness of white-collar crime - Van Antwerp, Victoria
The following research explores public perceptions of white-collar crime. Participants were asked to complete a two-page survey, inquiring about their perceptions of. Six white-collar crime scenarios and six street crime scenarios. Surveys were distributed to jury participants after they had been dismi ssed from jury. Participants were asked to read the crime scenarios and then judge the offense and offender on: seriousness, appropriate punishment for the offender, greed, remorse, and stress...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; criminology; criminal justice; thesis; bernie madoff
Downloads: 111
[texts]Realizing values in teaching writing with problem-centered instruction : development of a cognitive-composition model and instruction inventory - Zigmond, Rosalyn H.
The purpose of this study was bifold: (1) to develop an instrument thatidentifies teachers' and students' perceptions of instruction and learning strategies, and (2) to implement the instrument and analyze the relationships between perceptions of problem-centered instruction, self-directed learning, and critical thinking in college composition classrooms. To accomplish this, a Cognitive-Composition Model was created and an Instruction Inventory was designed, validated, and administered...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; auraria library; phd; dissertation; education; leadership; innovation; rhetoric
Downloads: 31
[texts]Scale-up microbial fuel cell as a waste-to-energy system for the Colorado Convention Center - Zinner, Dania Joyce
Worldwide concerns of resource scarcity and climate change are driving the search for carbon-neutral, renewable energy alternatives for fossil fuels. Organic wastes such as food waste represent an abundant domestic resource for energy production. Recognizing the potential embedded in organic waste, various energy conversion technologies have been developed. Food waste from the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado can be used as the substrate for a microbial fuel cell (MFC) reactor, a n...
Keywords: civil engineering; university of colorado denver; auraria library; master of science; microbes; fuel sources; alternative energy; renewable energy; denver; colorado
Downloads: 209
[texts]Body image dissatisfaction among men who have sex with men : predicting risky sexual behavior - Luckman, Diana
Due to the increasing spread of HIV and AIDS among the gay community within the US, it is important to identify key factors that predict risky sexual behavior among this subset of the population. The current study sought to examine how body image dissatisfaction (BID) among men who have sex with men (MSM) could predict engagement in the highest sexual risk behavior, unprotected receptive anal sex, mediated by the use of various substances...
Keywords: university of colorado denver; clinical psychology; auraria library; master of arts; college of liberal arts and sciences; ketamine; denver pride fest
Downloads: 110
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